Sixth Months Into Our 11th Year!

Posted by Nicholas Lindsay, May 25th, 2020

Hello Faithful Friends! Welcome to the new CIMP Blog. For at least the six months leading up to our 11th Annual Conference, we will be featuring a CIMP member each month. This way we can learn more about each other and encourage one another as we share Jesus Christ in our marketplace appointments!

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another… As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”

Proverbs 27:17,19 NIV

Joel Micah Williamson

Joel Williamson grew up right here in Greensboro and went to NC A&T State University for undergrad, where he studied Business Management. He then went to NC State University for a Master’s in Global Innovation Management. If that weren’t enough to make him a cool guy, Joel then went on to the Skema Business School in Paris for a degree in Global Luxury Management.

Joel married his wife, Rhea, in August 2017. Joel and Rhea met through his mother, LaShawn, who was mentoring her at the time. They didn’t hit it off at first but eventually became best friends, and the rest is history… 🙂 They have one son, Simon, who’s 21 months old and a girl on the way. They even work in the same industry now – Joel as a financial advisor with Edward Jones and Rhea working for First Citizen’s bank.

As a fellow millennial, Joel had this to say as I was describing my education and professional journey thus far. “You don’t don’t have to go to an ivy league school to receive the knowledge to succeed,” I mentioned to him that I’d consider getting an MBA, but he said that even without an MBA, your network and people who know you can and will acknowledge your worth.

Upon returning to the U.S. from the Skema Business School in Paris, Joel applied for and was accepted to a data analytics internship in California with a company called Pulse Secure, where he began applying sales analytics skills. Later, he was introduced at a career fair to a key contact for General Motors Company (GM). He told me that it was the Holy Spirit’s leading that even led him to attend the event, and through this new business relationship, he learned more about, applied to, and after several interviews was hired by GM. In his role at GM he used various skills acquired from previous experiences to drive growth and adoption of the My Reward Program.

Following GM’s restructuring in the Spring of 2019, Joel’s job was impacted and he was laid off. However; he was quite resourceful. During this time Joel moved back to Greensboro, NC, and accepted a job driving a van for an after school child care program. He recalls developing strong relationships with the kids while trusting God to guide him back into the full-time workforce. It was a great time for him and helped him grow personally and spiritually. God definitely continued providing for Joel and his family during this time and even blessed him with an opportunity to serve others as a financial advisor with one of the most reputable firms in the financial industry at the top of the year.

Prior to graduate school, Pulse Secure, GM, and Edward Jones, Joel worked with a company called Eagle’s Flight for six years as an account manager, helping fortune 500 companies build in-house leadership development programs. He mentioned that this career was instrumental in helping him pay off graduate school loans later down the road.

Some great wisdom that Joel shared with me is that God will put people and circumstances in our lives to show you us how much we’re worth and that it’s really just the expression of His Word – “you are valuable, you are loved, you have a purpose.”

As for Joel’s involvement with Christians in the Marketplace, he wanted to get involved many years ago but job opportunities continued to come up and he had to move several times. Now, Joel and his family are settled in Greensboro for a while and he has jumped on board full-swing! Joel told me that his pastor would always talk about marketplace ministry, and he has become passionate about this.

One of the highlights of Joel’s life was when he had the opportunity to meet Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-Fil-A. Joel shared his life verse with Mr. Cathy (Proverbs 3:5-6) and Truett responded by saying “that’s a good one”. Joel described this experience as a “hallmark moment”, one that is undeniably the work of Christ bringing people together.

Joel Williamson and I concluded our interview with this advice from him to all of us – “The more we integrate Christ into our lives, even as we face uncomfortable situations, God teaches us how to talk across the aisle to people who don’t look like us and who don’t believe the same way we do, but who need to hear the message God has for them. If Jesus is your filter, then he will pave the way for sanctification in and through you.”

Joel’s Family, including his mother, LaShawn Williamson in the center

One thought on “Sixth Months Into Our 11th Year!

  1. This is very inspiring for what this young man has accomplished in this short amount of time. Giving God the praise all the way through!


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