It’s Conference Month!!! feat. CIMP’s Legendary Emcee Tony Casas

Tony Casas was born in Mexico and moved to the U.S. at the age of 6. From that point forward, his five brothers and two sisters grew up in Southern California.  Led by the Lord, Tony went off to Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester NY where he met his wife, Dawn. They have been married for 22 years and have two growing and gifted daughters that love Jesus.  Eva is a 16 year old junior studying at GTCC’s Career and College Promise Program and potentially pursuing a career in Business Marketing and Graphic Design.  Lucia is a 13 year old eighth grader and according to Tony, is “phenomenal on the fiddle!”

Dawn and Tony’s kids are homeschooled and the Casas’ involvement in the homeschool community reaches even further. Both Dawn and Tony are closely affiliated with Friendly Educators (a homeschool tutorial with about 250 students) in which Dawn has served as Director and Assistant Director in past years.  Additionally, they both regularly teach classes and speak in chapel.  Teaching wise, Dawn focuses on US Government, Research Methods, US/World History, Graphic Design, Book Club and Yearbook as Tony teaches Personal Growth and Leadership Development courses.   
Having grown up within the Methodist tradition, Tony went on to double major in Social Work and Religion/Philosophy, earning his Bachelors in Social Work at Robert Wesleyan College and his Masters of Divinity at Northeastern Seminary in 2000.  Dawn received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and later completed her Masters of Education (also from Roberts Wesleyan College).  Dawn continued her educational climb and earned her PH.D in Communication from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, and for the last 10 years has been a successful on-line professor at Regent University.

Dawn and Tony moved to Maryland in the summer of 2000 where they lived in Gaithersburg, Rockville, and in Frederick for 10 years as Tony began his ordained ministry as a pastor with the Free Methodist Church. In 2010 the Casas family moved to Greensboro, NC to start a new chapter. Tony’s involvement with Christians in the Marketplace began in 2015 after being asked to speak at its 6th annual conference.  Soon after that, he was invited to join the CIMP advisory board and today serves on the official board and has served as the CIMP conference emcee for the past 4 years.

Tony is fluent in Spanish and enjoys staying active in multiple roles, always networking and expanding his contacts across various communities.  He is a certified corporate chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America providing professional employee care.  Tony runs his own personal growth and leadership development business called Cambio (Spanish word for change) and is a certified speaker, coach, teacher and trainer with The John Maxwell Team.  Cambio’s mission is to help individuals, groups, and organizations “create the change they desire.”  His conviction is that while change is constant, growth is optional, as he focuses on providing intentional inspiration and helping clients increase their influence and impact, both personally and professionally.  Additionally, Tony works part-time with Wise Guys, a youth program promoting healthy masculinity and male responsibility in Guilford and Forsyth counties.  Finally, he serves on the Board of Directors with the Piedmont Fellows Program.

One of Tony’s life mottos is: “the future belongs to the bold”. We hope you’ll join us for the conference on November 20th and 21st and meet Tony and his family for yourself! 

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